Drill Team

There are 2 drill teams at 325 Cornwall Kiwanis; drill team with arms and drill team without arms.

Drill team with arms consists of a 16 member team including the commander. The cadets perform a compulsory routine followed by a 5 minute precision routine. The precision routine is executed without voice commands and allows for complex formations. The rifles carried by the Drill Team have been decommissioned, stripped and are incapable of firing live ammo. Weighing less than 10 pounds, these rifles are utilized for drill purposes only and are easily identified by the white bands at various locations along the rifle.

The Drill team without arms also performs 2 routines the compulsory and the precision routines.

The commanders for both teams can be different.

Our squadron competes annually in a zone competition that takes place at Trenton Air Force Base near the end of April. The cadets are transported by bus and logged in the Trenton Air Cadet Summer Training Center. We have been lucky to have a group of parents follow along as our token cheer squad.

The competition is based on 4 components: dress, compulsory routine, precision routine and the commander's performance. The winners of this competition get to move onto Provincial competition where the top drill teams from across Ontario compete.